Mystery Dungeon World Sky

The Wonder Map

The Setting, as the name states, is the location in which the evnts of the Roleplay take place. It conveys multiple locations, such as towns, dungeons and landmarks. It is an explorer's goal to traverse as any of these places as they can, as well as unveil all treasures hidden within them.

The world is charted in what is known as a Wonder Map, of magical traits that add places to it as it is discovered, and can add Towns, Dungeons and Landmarks to itself everytime one is found.



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Also referred to as the Mystery Dungeons. They are special places of even more special properties, able to change their layout and contents with every visit they get, almost as if they were living things by themselves. The dungeons that have been visited so far include:

  1. Beach Cavern


Places that are visitable and as fascinating as dungeons, that do not fit the criteria to properly be one. Those that have been shown are displayed below:

  1. Golden Shores