Rupert The Uncertain
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Vital statistics
Position Non-Guilding
Age Unknown
Status Active (Alive)
Physical attributes
Height 2'8
Weight 70 lbs

Rupert The Uncertain is one of the main Protagonists in the Role Play. He was once upon a time, a human and is now a Croagunk.


Rupert has been described as an extremely sport Croagunk who unlike the other members of his species, is usually quite optimistic unlike the normal members of his kind who are extremely pessimistic. It has been stated that he is intelligent but does not use his intelligence much.

He is uncertain and unable to make big decisions. Rupert is claustrophobic and cannot stand being in small places and likes to play out in the open more. He is supposed to be friendly and aggressive towards those who irritate him. Rupert has the habit of asking many questions and being uncertain, that gives the impression that he is dumb and not smart.



When Sotelo decided to pair the pokemon who turned up in the beach into groups, Rupert decided to go along with the heroic Squirtle. Rupert and Kaller journeyed into Beach Cavern where they fought more villains then any of their other fellow humans.


Poison Sting.


Bullet Punch.

X Scissor.


Poison Touch.


Level 7.

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See here for Rupert's signup.


  • Rupert has displayed an almost barbaric love of chocolate. At one point, he almost cut up an Omyante for stealing his chocolate.
  • It has also been mentioned that Rupert likes ice creams.
  • Rupert has the tendency to put a twig in his mouth because of his unhygienic nature.
  • Rupert also wears normal sunglasses which he found lying around on Golden Shores.
  • Rupert is slightly taller than a normal Croagunk and thus weighs more.