Vital statistics
Position Non-Guilding
Age Unknown
Status Active (Alive)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Revor is one of the main protagonists of this roleplay. He is a very calm, laid back fellow (most of the time) who is skilled in battle.

Personality Edit

"Revor" is often known for being laid-back, basically a sort of go-with-the-flow person, err, Pokémon. Most of the time, that is. He has always loved Rock-type Pokémon, Dark being a close second. It's extremely hard to worry him or make him nervous, which is good, because he can overreact. An example of this is him running away in fe

ar. Even with this personality, he can sometimes be non-persistent, basically a quitter. He cares for others, and will try to help someone in need. (well, normally only if he knows the person though) "Revor" can sometimes be lazy, however, and also forgetful. Though he does remember important things. In the rare case where he gets angry, he does overreact with that as well, and can sometimes get physical in the process. He is average when it comes to intelligence, and doesn't always stop to strategize when the time calls for it. "Revor" enjoys food a lot, and him being hungry can be another time when he overreacts. Most of the time, he is pretty likeable, and is often very calm.

This has been a direct exert from Revor's signup.

Relationships Edit

Tanner the Scar Edit

During the first serial, Sotelo decided to split the gang in pairs in order for them to explore Beach Cavern faster than they would by travelling together. Revor and Tanner traveled together.


Another picture of Revor.


  • Rock Polish
  • Ancient Power
  • Bite
  • Sandstorm


  • Sand Veil

Trivia Edit

  • Revor was the first one to awaken on the beach in Serial 1: Fizzy Bubbles