"Punchy" Pete
Gipsy Golett
Vital statistics
Position Non-Guilding
Age Unknown
Status Active (Alive)
Physical attributes
Height 3' 3"
Weight 202.8 lbs.

One of the mysterious "humans" who washed up on the beach, and a protagonist of the RP.


Pete used to be something of a hot shot, get-it-done-and-be-home-for-dinner kind of guy, who enjoyed the attention his reckless attitude earned him. Never much of a thinker, he prefers to rush into life head-on, letting things resolve themselves around him. Despite this, he cares deeply for others, not wanting to see them get hurt by his or other people's actions. He is brash and loud, but hides a soft and kind heart. He greatly enjoys spending time with others, and likes to have fun and make friends, despite his short temper.

Much of Pete's confidence appears to be an act to cope with his strange new circumstances, as he has been seen dropping the façade in times of stress.



Sotelo was the first to come across the group of "humans" on the beach, where Pete took an immediate liking to him. During their unofficial first mission, the group split into teams, with Pete volunteering to travel with Sotelo. Though they got off to a rocky start, the two are proving to be a formidable team, with Pete following the more experienced "potato".


  • Pound
  • Astonish
  • Defense Curl
  • Telekinesis


  • Iron Fist


  • Despite being known as Punchy Pete, he is consistently referred to simply as "Pete". How or why the "punchy" moniker came into being is as-of-yet unknown.