An antagonist is a genrally non-playable character, introduced by either the GMs of RPers. Their roles and importance are very different from one another, and some are generally characters of the day, with no other purpose whatsoever. They are split in two categories: Mayor and Minor.


Mayor Antagonists are introduced by the Game Masters, and play a much heavier role than Minor Antagonists, as they ocassionally reappear or are mentioned later on.

Noibat and DratiniEdit

Thiefs of unknown motivation, seen for the first time in the 10th post of the IC Thread. They were first seen in possession of a stole item: the Sli-Goo, which, as of the first serial, is yet to be retrieved.


Minor Antagonists are usually created by the RPers themselves as plot-devices of sorts, very prominent throughout the Roleplay and tend to appear only once.

Test Subject ShellosEdit

Introduced in the 16th post of the IC Thread, as part of the tutorial portrayed in Beach Cavern. His purpose was to be used as a way of explaining the crew how battling worked. A Noibat was also present, but his defeat was provided by Sligoo, and not Sotelo.

Brodacious Magikarp CultEdit

Criptic scary and worshippers of Feebas almighty. They were encountered by Jon and Sligoo while they were traversing Beach Cavern during the 19th post of the IC Thread. A small group of fecrocious water-types with Bounce, whose leader actually managed to perform a game-breaking early evolution. Their clan was defeated by Sligoo, in a way that was not detailed during the post where the battle took place.
Rupert and Kaller also encountered them although they were without their leader. Later on when they were on the second floor they were ambushed by a monster house. As it turns out, the Pokémon contained within the Monster House also worship Feebas almighty. His prescence is very much universal.